Record-Breaking Black Month Proves Power of Phygital E-commerce

By Christian Vester, CEO and Co-Founder of Sprii  

Wow! What an incredible month we’ve had leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In all, our customers have hosted over 1,500 live shopping events, sold more than 700,000 products, and, the icing on the cake – all this resulting in a staggering +€15 million in sales.

This year's performance demonstrates the potential of a 'phygital' approach to E-commerce, with sales almost doubling compared to last year.

Our customers’ success this past month proves the power of live shopping as an integral part of brands’ digital marketing mix. The +1,500 live shopping events hosted with Sprii gave customers an authentic way to discover and buy products from the comfort of their homes.

Brand representatives highlighted numerous products, paired items together, and replicated that engaging “in-store” retail experience digitally. Moreover, unlike traditional retail, viewers were able to purchase featured items with just a few clicks thanks to our integrated checkout.

With live shopping, customers can discover and buy products from anywhere.

The sales numbers speak volumes. More than 700,000 products sold in just one month- nearly double Black Month last year. Our customers' +€15 million in revenue from live events in November far surpasses typical performance. Put simply, live shopping has outperformed expectations across all metrics.

At Sprii, we recognize retail has always been about experience, relationships, and emotion. The combination of physical store-like personality and seamless online purchasing allows brands to translate real-life affinity and passion into digital. This builds brand loyalty while providing 24/7 global availability.

Live shopping is no longer the future of E-commerce. It’s the now.  

We believe our numbers this last month are just the start. As more retailers implement these tactics, expect continued innovation bridging physical and online. Customers win with expanded options, richer experiences, and easier purchases.

Christian Vester, CEO and Co-Founder of Sprii

Sprii proves the immense potential, but the more than €15 million in sales we helped generate for our customers this month is only a preview of the sales growth live shopping can unlock.

The key takeaway is clear: live shopping is no longer the future of E-commerce. It’s the now.