Sprii Customer Spotlight – May 2023

Introducing CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT – a monthly review of our favorite customer success stories, presented by our new Content Creator Marissa.


Kids-world is a leading online retailer catering to the needs of children and parents alike. With a commitment to providing quality products and a wide selection of clothing and accessories, Kids-world has become a trusted destination for families across the globe!

If you join in on one of their live shows, you’ll quickly see why:

– They got +62,000 comments on one live show.

– More comments also resulted in more views. Almost 20,000 views were achieved on the same live show.

– Kids-world hosts live shows a couple of times a week with great success.

You can watch the full live show and the rest of the shows on their Facebook channel.

Love Forever

Love Forever is a popular Swedish webshop that specializes in offering on-trend clothing for women.

The webshop boasts a wide variety of clothing options, including dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories, carefully curated to cater to women that look for a bohemian and rock n’ roll style.

– Went from 2,000 comments to 63,000 with the use of Sprii's inbuilt gamification tools.

– The hosts do a great job at showcasing their products throughout the entire live show.

– Love Forever is live several times a week with great offers on their clothing and accessories.

Watch the live show from Love Forever on their Facebook.


JohnBeerens.com is an online hair and beauty retailer based in the Netherlands. Founded by celebrity hairdresser John Beerens, the website offers a huge selection of high-quality haircare, skincare, makeup, and beauty products. With a strong emphasis on professional-grade brands and luxury items, JohnBeerens.com has established itself as a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike.

– Went live with an A-list influencer, Anna Nooshin, to get an extra set of expert eyes for their customers.

– During their live show, JohnBeerens use custom overlays to easily showcase the products people can buy.

– They also show the products in action on models while discussing features with experts.

Find and watch JohnBeerens.com live show on their social media.

Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain known for its affordable and stylish home decor, stationery, and lifestyle products. Founded in 1973 by sisters Anna and Clara, anyone who has been inside a Søstrene Grene store knows that they are always in for a treat: the stores are the embodiment of the Danish term ‘hygge’.

– By using two live shopping hosts, Søstrene Grene ensures their viewers are highly engaged

– The live shopping show also guides you in their DIY projects.

– They managed to achieve more than 12,000 views on their very first live show.

Watch the first live show from Søstrene Grene on Facebook.


BabySam is a Danish retailer specializing in products for babies and children. They not only offer a wide range of products, they also provide expert guidance to parents, as their focus is always on quality and safety.

– BabySam went live for the first time this month and got almost 10,000 views!

– All kinds of baby products were on display for their 1-hour live show.

– BabySam keeps their viewers engaged, informed, and entertained by offering prizes during their shows.

BabySam often hosts live shopping events, and you can watch this live show and all other shows on their social channels.