Customers in the Spotlight - End of Year Edition

Dive deep into our customers' exceptional achievements as Christian and Marissa honor those who went live throughout the year, presenting well-deserved awards.

Best Newcomer

Imerco claims the Best Newcomer title for their stellar performance, excelling despite being new to live shopping. Their debut event, spanning 50 minutes, achieved a staggering 24,000 views and over 11,000 engagements - an exceptional achievement for a first-timer.

Most Engagements

Normal gets the award for Most Engagements by captivating audiences with multiple events that each amassed over 200,000 comments. Their engagement levels are truly remarkable.

Biggest Innovators

This year showcased pioneering spirit, with two standout brands leading the charge. DBU, in collaboration with the Danish National Football Team, hosted one event with four influencers. Additionally, Primo Tours broke new ground by demonstrating how even vacations and experiences seamlessly fit into the live shopping landscape.

Congratulations to all the winners and our customers who've harnessed live shopping to elevate their businesses. Here's to an exciting year ahead, filled with more groundbreaking advancements!