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May 11, 2023

How to engage your customers in live sales

Engagement is key when it comes to live shopping. Click here and learn valuable tips and insights into how you can engage better with your customers.

How to engage your customers in live sales
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Standing out from the crowd can be difficult – especially in the news feeds of social media!

News feeds are full of content, meaning it’s easy to disappear into the crowd. Between posts of freshly baked buns and family photos, committed customers will be your salvation, if we know they will show up for your live sales.

But how do you get your customers to keep returning? And how can you get loyal customers to bring along their friends?

Engaging customers can be done in several different ways, but the most popular way is to reward them – this can be done through offers, special deals, gifts, or contests.

Let’s take a closer look at some tried and tested methods that you can implement during your next live sale.

Have the customers comment

Live shopping is all about creating a relationship between the store and the consumer. It’s obvious that during your live sales, you need to engage and involve your customers. You can do this by addressing shoppers directly and asking direct questions in order to get to know them personally. Their comments and feedback will enable you to understand what customers want. What’s more, they will feel like they are being listened to whilst developing a relationship with your store. And as a bonus to your reach, their comments will be seen by their friends and attract more curious visitors.

Reward customer loyalty

You can motivate customers to shop with you again by offering a discount on their next purchase; a boost in interest will be assured if you announce this during your live sale. By doing so, you will create a dialogue with the customers and an incentive for them to continue watching and shopping with you.

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Get customers to share and invite others

Naturally, you wish to see an increased size of your customer base for live shopping. Who better to help you then your current clients who are already watching – they are your best ambassadors. At an appropriate moment in your live sale, encourage them to invite their friends, as well as share their experiences on their Facebook feeds – it will give you a greater reach amongst potential customers.

Some customers may do so without getting anything in return, but you could also entice and  motivate with a reward – perhaps a giveaway or gift certificate. It’s a win-win.

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Keep customers on their toes with “first-come, first-served”

Another good idea that you’re probably familiar with, is to work with number and time benefits. Here you can hype  your live sale by giving discounts to the first customers who participate, or offer gifts for the first purchase, or share exciting information within the first few minutes – this will encourage customers to join in from the very start.

Customers should want to stay tuned in to your live sale until the end.

Hold on to customers with ongoing competitions and offers

You can motivate customers to keep watching by mixing contests and offers to the live sale itself. If you continuously provide incentives, entertain your customers and build excitement and anticipation along the way, customers will be motivated to stay throughout your live sales.

You can keep people engaged with competitions, offer discounts, free give-aways – or whatever exciting incentive you choose to come up with!

Keep customers engaged between your live sales

In addition to engaging customers in your live sales, it’s just as important to keep them wanting more between them.

Remember advertise and create interest in your upcoming live shopping event. You can do this by writing posts on your page and setting Live Events on Facebook. There you could mention what lush prizes are in tonight’s competition, or tell the viewers, in your own and unique way, why, apart from seeing your wonderful products, they should join in and participate.

Additional advice: keep track of guidelines

Another thing that you need to do regularly is to stay up to date with Facebook’s rules and guidelines; they often change in relation to promotions and competitions. By doing so, you can be assured of not violating any guidelines or running into some unfortunate consequences.

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