How to promote your live shopping event with success

Join us for Episode 4 of the Live Shopping Bootcamp: "How to promote your live shopping event with success"

In this webinar, we'll guide you through the process of effectively promoting your live shopping event in the 10 days leading up to the big day. Discover actionable insights and gain the best strategies to navigate the world of live shopping promotion.

Marissa and Morten from Let’s Go Live will bring their expertise to light, showcasing real-life examples to help you optimize your live shopping promotion!

During this episode, you'll:

  • Master the planning of every live shopping event
  • Gain all the essential design tips to boost attendance
  • Know how to promote your event with blueprints and best practices

Don’t miss this opportunity to nail your promotion every time you want to go live on your social media channels and your website. Secure your spot today and join us in reshaping tomorrow’s retail