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December 18, 2023

7 Essential Tips to Achieve Success with Live Shopping

Learn from these essential live shopping tips and conquer the live shopping game. It's you quickest way to boost your business and beat your competition.

7 Essential Tips to Achieve Success with Live Shopping
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Amidst the Corona pandemic when shuttering stores became the norm, Christian Degn Vester, Rasmus Aas Pedersen, and Nikolai Aas Pedersen found themselves grappling to rescue their mothers' struggling stores. Despite residing in different parts of the country, a shared notion emerged - to salvage these businesses. Live shopping emerged as the beacon of hope, and pooling their expertise as management consultants and software developers, they forged a pathway for businesses not just to counter dwindling physical store sales but to revolutionize revenue generation.

Live shopping and Sprii have changed a lot over the past three years, Christian, armed with his extensive knowledge, shares tips essential tips for attaining success in live shopping:

1. Get started and don't overcomplicate

Starting with a plan for live shopping - lists, success benchmarks, and a robust strategy is great. However, every brand and business is different and the only way you really learn what works with your audience is getting started. Using a quality camera, best practices, and a professional background will get you a long way.

2. Use themes for your shows

Utilize thematic elements in your live shows. Look at your existing business campaigns and weave a theme around them for your live shopping events.

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3. Interact with viewers

Foster trust by actively engaging with your audience. Address questions, respond to comments, and encourage participation. Elevated engagement not only captivates viewers but also triggers the social media algorithm to widen your show's reach.

4. Use multiple and your own hosts

Leverage multiple hosts to create a great dynamic in your shows. Preferably, use employees from your company as hosts because they have a deeper understanding of your products. While influencers hold potential, relying solely on them may falter if they lack familiarity with your brand or products, thereby potentially lowering viewer experience.

5. Embrace storytelling

Storytelling thrives within live shopping events. Illuminate how products integrate into everyday life - illustrate how a fashion brand's jacket fits seamlessly into various settings or how beauty products fit a morning routine. This narrative approach fosters authenticity and build trust.

6. Create a sense of urgency

For those aiming to amplify sales via live shopping, urgency is the key. Use limited-time offers, exclusive discounts during the show, or enticing 'buy-one-get-one' deals to incentivize immediate purchases.

7. Promote your event

It's essential to promote your event on as many channels as you have. This enhances viewer numbers and creates awareness around your live shopping events.

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