in one single live event

85% of viewers

intend to shop in Plantorama

400 sign-ups

to their newsletter after each live show


Plantorama’s live shows drives traffic to the physical stores

With 13 Plantorama centers across Denmark, Plantorama is the largest garden and plant center in Denmark. They offer a wide range of goods, including plants and garden equipment, ceramics, gift items, and animal feed.


Plantorama wanted to make their customers richer in experiences

Plantorama experienced a change in the market. A movement focused on being closer to the customers – even outside of the physical stores. This movement quickly evolved during the Covid19 pandemic, where Plantorama’s physical shopping centres were forced to close. This was especially problematic for Plantorama since a part of their online sales depended on pick-up in the physical stores. Plantorama wanted to keep up with the market – and here, live shopping became quite interesting to them.

Generally, Plantorama is determined to make their customers richer in experiences and they wanted that to be clear in any encounter with Plantorama on all platforms. Therefore, Plantorama wished to incorporate guidance and how-to’s, knowledge sharing, and inspiration in their live shows. They formed their own concept on the foundation of live shopping, where they could benefit from all their own competencies.

The knowledge of all our professionals can be communicated to our customers through live sales, positioning us as experts. Typically, there are multiple hosts besides me with different types of knowledge, controlling the course of the event: A gardener, a veterinarian, event coordinators, and decorators, who have tied wreaths and set tables.

Thanks to Sprii, Plantorama can focus on knowledge sharing, storytelling, and great offers

To be able to host a successful live shopping event, Plantorama teamed up with Sprii. Of course, Plantorama has an online store with different payment methods, but they needed a software to handle and react to all comments during a live shopping event.

In their live shopping events, Plantorama offers the viewers products at reduced prices, competitions, vouchers, and even more. The viewers can request the different offers via comments, and Sprii reads all comments, answers, and sends the customers a message with information and links to the desired products or content.

Plantorama has created a large setup and each live shopping event revolves around Plantorama’s unique universe, which is very personal due to their use of storytelling. Every single live sales event is thoroughly planned, and the viewers are educated and entertained at the same time.

With Sprii, we can easily direct our customers from Facebook to our website to the specific product or landing page, we want them to visit. That means they complete their purchase directly on our website.

85% of viewers intend to make a purchase in Plantorama after a live shopping event

Since Plantorama started hosting live shows, they have gained more and more attention. One of Plantorama’s recent live shopping events had 26,000 viewers and 7,900 comments. And since Facebook’s algorithm favours content with high engagement, Plantorama’s live events can reach extremely far. Also, 300-400 people sign up to Plantorama’s newsletter after each live show, since a sign up works as a lot in the draw in their competitions.

In order to improve on their live shopping, Plantorama conducted some user surveys, which were sent to all, who interacted with their live shows. Here, Plantorama found that the main reason why people watched their live shopping events were to be inspired and other than that for guidance and shopping. Additionally, Plantorama found that:

  • 95% of viewers experienced a very high level of professionalism and knowledge
  • 94% of viewers agreed that the guidance was very good
  • 87% of viewers watched it to find inspiration
  • 85% of viewers intended to shop in Plantorama in the nearest future.

Generally, Plantorama experiences an amazing engagement from their viewers. In the hours before and after the live show, they receive much more traffic to the website than normally, and those visitors tend to stay on the website for longer compared to an average visitor. Also, those visitors are much more likely to make a purchase compared to the average visitor, making the conversion rate much higher when it comes to visitors, who participated in a live event.

It has been confirmed that many of our viewers watch our shows for guidance and inspiration. That tells us that our concept is working. Of course, it is a sales channel, but branding is also a crucial part of it. Many people watch our shows in search for new inspiration.