8 SoMe content ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

To attract attention and boost engagement not only on Black Friday but for the entire shopping season, you must have a bulletproof social media strategy. If not, you risk drowning in the sea of retailers fighting for consumers’ attention. In case you are struggling to come up with creative, interesting, and engaging content, we have gathered 8 content ideas which you can mix and match however you like.

Why you should up your social media game for Black Friday

4.7 billion people worldwide use social media. This means that most of your customers – the current as well as the potential ones – have joined already. Most likely, you have too. The growing digital usage accelerated by the recent pandemic has made social commerce more popular than ever.

On average, users spend 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media every single day. But not only are people spending more time on social media than ever before; they are also getting more prone to check out brands and retailers on their social channels before making a first-time purchase. Why not take advantage of this and use your social media accounts to promote your Black Friday campaigns?

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But what on earth do I post to attract attention on Black Friday and during the remaining shopping season? you may be wondering. Whether you prefer to upload short videos, make regular posts, or host mini-live sessions on your social media pages, here are some tried-and-trusted content ideas for you…

SoMe content ideas for the shopping season ahead

1. Introduce your staff in short videos or posts

People want to do business with other people, not a faceless brand. Why not make a series of social media posts where you introduce your employees one by one? Just remember to get their permission first and to ‘tag’ them in the posts for maximum reach.

Live shopping with smartphone and ringlight

2. Livestream Q&A sessions

Give your followers the chance to ask the questions that you may not have time for on the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Livestream ask me anything

3. Reveal some of your upcoming offers and deals

You can build up excitement among your followers by announcing upcoming offers one by one and save the best for last. However, don’t reveal every single deal and offer that will be available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as this could potentially harm your sales numbers in the weeks leading up to these two days.

sale shadow | ELISA.io

4. Show your preparations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We all love a good “behind the scenes” sneak peek. Are you decorating your store with balloons or stocking up your warehouse with new products? Go live and show it! You want to create as much anticipation and hype as possible.

Store prep | ELISA.io

5. Post funny memes and gifs

Your customers seek entertainment. By posting funny memes and gifs occasionally, you will make them wish to ‘follow’ your social media accounts and participate in your live events. For instance, you can post a gif depicting your excitement about Black Friday.

Memes | ELISA.io

6. Give informative and educational tutorials

Do you have a makeup company? Then show how the various products should be applied. Do you produce luxurious coffee beans or sell high-end fashion for women? Then illustrate how the coffee should be brewed for maximum flavor or how to create a chic outfit for the upcoming Christmas parties.

A company that does this to perfection is Plantorama, the largest garden and plant center in Denmark. Plantorama frequently stream live on Facebook to give tutorials on how to take care of certain plants, tie wreaths, make Christmas decorations etc. These tutorials serve to educate and inspire their loyal customers as well as to lure in new ones.

Plantorama tutorial | ELISA.io

7. Livestream haul videos or unboxing videos

This is a simple, yet effective way to create excitement and hype about your products and give consumers the urge to get their hands on the items.

Goodiebox, an international company selling self-care and beauty products, does this extremely well. When livestreaming the unboxing of new items, Goodiebox sees an instant spike in their sales numbers and an increased interest in their brand.

Unboxing on livestream

8. Give product reviews – and for the love of God be honest

Honest and thorough product reviews are super useful and may be just what is needed to become confident in a brand or product. However, making promises you can’t deliver will only your increase return rate, hurt your reliability, and ultimately reduce customer loyalty. Therefore, be honest and nuanced in your reviews.

Product review | ELISA.io

Final remarks

Now that you have read this blog post, we hope you feel fully equipped to bring your social media A-game. Before you leave us, however, we have a few final remarks for you.

First, don’t forget to interact with your followers as much as possible and respond to their messages to keep the conversation going. Studies show that a strong brand presence will increase customer satisfaction and -loyalty.

Secondly, remember to include proper hashtags such as #BlackFriday, #BlackWeek, and #CyberMonday when you post something. This will increase your reach significantly, and a larger audience means more potential customers.

If you remember to interact with your followers and to use the right hashtags, we guarantee that you will see positive results. And remember: Social media marketing is not rocket science. You’ve got this. Have fun with it!