Comment selling - a way to sell quickly and efficiently

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Turn social media posts into sales

Post selling, or comment selling, is incredibly popular on Facebook because you can sell at lightning speed. You can say it's a part of live shopping, and it's the perfect complement to your physical store or digital webshop because you can reach a huge audience.

Enjoy the benefits of comment selling.

  • It's a fast and effective way to sell​
  • It guarantees new customers and increased customer flow
  • Enhanced knowledge of your store will be gained
  • Customer flexibility will increase - they buy when the time's right for them

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In its simplest form, post selling means that your customers can buy a product by commenting on an offer that you have posted on Facebook. That’s also why it’s called comment selling. The post can be designed exactly how you want it. You can either write a text, upload a video, or use pictures to catch the eye.

Post selling works with all types of products and can be used by any stores – including supermarkets, clothing, and appliance stores. The products can be anything from leggings to towels and dresses. If you’re creative enough, you can benefit from post selling regardless of what you sell.

Sell more with post selling

One of the great benefits of post selling is that it’s an incredibly inexpensive form of marketing. Your message spreads to a huge audience for free. Facebook takes care of the exposure of your post as the comments flood in. Comment selling encourages your followers to participate, creates visibility, and allows you to sell products in new and effective ways.

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Comment selling for creative people

Comment selling and post selling is not only for direct sales. If you are creative enough, you can use automatic communication in a myriad of ways.

Why not ask your customers to write something specific in the comments section and have Sprii send them a message with a link to your loyalty club? Or design engaging contests and quizzes to catch attention; unleash your imagination and try out what works best for you.

The aim is to get your potential customers to interact and share your posts, increasing your store’s visibility.

Sprii makes post selling a piece of cake

Post selling can seem overwhelming if you have many replies and inquiries to keep track of. Sprii is the comment managing robot that guides your customers through their shopping journey, and it’s entirely automatic.

When a customer has commented, the robot takes the customer directly to a webshop-like setup with a direct message in Messenger and a purchase link.

Sprii will:

  • Respond to your customers' comments
  • Give you an overview of all purchases
  • Send customers to payment and delivery