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August 13, 2023

Top 5 Live Shopping Trends in 2023 You Need to Know About

Stay ahead of the curve in 2023 with Sprii's insights into the top 5 live shopping trends. Check out the trends right here!

Top 5 Live Shopping Trends in 2023 You Need to Know About
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E-commerce is changing all the time. Today, live shopping or live commerce is one of the biggest movements to follow. The opportunities are endless with livestream and video production for selling products. That’s why we give you the top 5 live shopping trends to look closer into if you want to stay successful with live commerce.

Online Shopping is More Relevant Than Ever

In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has transformed the retail landscape. However, in 2023, online shopping has become more relevant than ever before. Several factors have contributed to the increased relevance and popularity of online shopping, making it a preferred choice for consumers worldwide.

With more people using social media, online shopping has become a must-have skill to master in your business. Because of the nature of social media sites, businesses can manipulate and exploit algorithms to generate higher engagement and win new customers.

Because of that, it’s crucial to follow live shopping trends. These trends can be a way to grow your business if you are on top of them before everyone else. Check out our top 5 live shopping trends to follow in 2023:

Livestream Shopping Events as a Solution

Live shopping trends could be the solution

Live commerce events have become a powerful tool for marketers to engage customers in real time. These events allow businesses to showcase products, offer exclusive deals, and interact with customers through live chat and Q&A sessions.

Live stream shopping creates a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out), driving immediate purchases and increasing customer engagement. Platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and dedicated live shopping platforms like Amazon Live have seen tremendous success in hosting these events.

More and more businesses find live shopping as the solution to generate higher sales. Some even generate a week’s worth of revenue from a single one-hour live shopping stream. Live commerce is not something you should sleep on. There are tons of benefits to grow your business even further with live shopping.

Use of Influencers vs. Employees

Marketers are recognizing the value of collaboration between influencers and employees to create authentic and relatable live shopping experiences. By bringing together influencers and employees, businesses can combine the influencer’s reach and expertise with the employees’ in-depth knowledge of products and brand values. This collaboration humanizes the shopping experience and builds trust with customers, ultimately increasing live shopping sales and brand loyalty.

Influencer showing products

It’s important to know, that many businesses are also choosing to use their own employees rather than influencers. The reason for this is, that even though influencers in some cases have a much wider reach, they can give a less personal buying experience.

Having an employee that works with the products every single day and is passionate about the brand can really be felt through the live stream and that makes a difference for everyone watching your live shopping events. It’s about finding that perfect balance between influencer marketing and using an in-store specialist.

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Creating a Personal Shopping Experience

Personalization has become a key driver in customer engagement. In 2023, businesses are leveraging data analytics and customer insights to create highly personalized live shopping experiences.

They are tailoring product recommendations, offering customized discounts, and providing interactive features like live styling sessions or personalized consultations during the livestream. Businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases by catering to individual preferences and needs.

If you want to stand out in the mass of live shopping streams, you need to focus on creating a livestream shopping event that feels unique and personal. Live commerce is a convenient way of shopping and if you make that experience entertaining and interesting, you have the winning formula!

Making Product Launches More Memorable

Businesses are focusing on making product launches more memorable through live shopping experiences. Instead of traditional launch events, companies are leveraging live shopping to unveil new products.

They create excitement by offering limited-time promotions, behind-the-scenes access, and interactive elements during the livestream. Businesses generate buzz by involving customers directly in the launch process, creating a sense of exclusivity, and driving immediate sales.

AR & VR Will Change The Game

A VR buying experience

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are transforming the live shopping landscape. In 2023, businesses are increasingly utilizing AR and VR to provide immersive online shopping experiences, and this will increase even more in the future.

Customers will be able to virtually try on clothes and make-up, visualize products in their own spaces, or participate in virtual showrooms and demos. These technologies enhance customer engagement, reduce purchase uncertainty, and bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

Being at the forefront of AR and VR is essential to keep your live shopping successful. Live commerce is changing, and social commerce is a big part of this. Being able to create a unique and tailored online shopping experience will be a big part of generating more livestream shopping purchases. And that can start with AR and VR.

Wrapping up

Live commerce and social commerce are ever-changing. Our top 5 live shopping trends make sure that you stay ahead of the curve and keep generating sales. Live commerce is a newer movement with e-commerce that you need to look into. Businesses are creating amazing results by leveraging their talents within social commerce.

Whether you want to use influencer marketing in your livestream shopping event or are a huge VR nerd, they are all great in combination with livestream shopping.

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