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May 15, 2023

Appear authentic in your live sales

Learn the importance of authenticity and how you can utilize it in your live shopping events by reading this article.

Appear authentic in your live sales
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The more digital our lives become, the more we strive for something real.

The biggest advantage of live shopping is that you get to move direct customer contact online. It is, therefore, crucial that you understand how to create an experience that mixes online shopping with a personal connection to ensure you have an authentic live sale.

The main difference with live shopping, is that you get the opportunity to build relationships with all your customers at the same time, rather than solely one by one. This means you have a role as the host, and in doing so, create relationships with your customers behind the screen. This is simply done by just being yourself and showing that you are a human being, just like everyone else. It will make you come across as sincere and authentic – a genuine person that customers will relate to. If you’re wondering what’s the best possible way to appear authentic in your live sales, we have gathered a few pieces of advice from some of Sprii's users…

1) Be accommodating

Reports from our comment-managing robot and Sprii's users show that greeting and speaking directly to your customers during a live sale will cause sales to increase significantly. One way to do this, is to specifically ask viewers to write a comment when they log on, then you can address customers directly by their names. Perhaps you can ask them what city they come? Comments will increase your reach.

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2) Get to know your customers

Following on from the previous point, spending time getting to know your customers is an investment. This has two advantages, the first is that you will seem genuine, which makes the customers feel valued by being seen and heard. The second benefit is that you can gain valuable knowledge about your customer base. Since you don’t have the option to see your customers at live shopping, you can instead ask them open-ended questions. These could be about their needs, interests, and preferences, which you can then use to tailor your live sales to your target audience. Spend time talking openly to your customers and participate in conversations with them.

3) Be yourself

We touched upon this point briefly, but live shopping is about adding personal sales to online media. Here, the success criterion is that you come across as authentic – which simply requires you to be yourself. By using a real human being as the face for your business, customers will get to know both you and the brand on a more personal level. During a live sale, this can be an invaluable strength, resulting in confidence credibility.


Retailers who are comfortable just being themselves and spend time building relationships with their customers during a live sale can reach their customers in ways that e-commerce can’t. Through live shopping, you can create closeness, dialogue, and at the same time, bring your professionalism into play. Live sales offer a unique opportunity to create a personal and authentic customer experience that can help strengthen and personalize your store. Your genuine and candid approach can increase customer loyalty and commitment and, last but not least, boost your sales. Authentic live shopping can make you stand out from the crowd on the digital playing field and place you in the lead of the path to the (digital) buying behaviour of the future.

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