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August 3, 2023

7 Facebook Live Tips to Improve Your Live Shopping Events

Improve your Facebook live shopping with these expert tips and improve your reach and your revenue. It's a short read that gives you everything you need!

7 Facebook Live Tips to Improve Your Live Shopping Events
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Facebook introduced live videos to their social media platform in 2016, and since then Facebook Live tips and ideas are in high demand.

According to HubSpot, live video is the 3rd most used marketing tactic in 2020. The numbers talk. And they show a lot of business opportunities. So, your business should also tap into the power of live shopping, especially since, according to the same HubSpot, online videos will account for over 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.  

Live videos offer you the chance to showcase your brand and build trust by having a friendly chatter with your audience. To take the plunge into streaming for live selling on Facebook, you must come up with a strategy, which will make customers comment to purchase.

That’s where our article steps in with tips and tricks on how to have a successful live sale. Let’s explore 7 Facebook Live tips and ideas that will take your brand to the next level.

7 Facebook Live Tips and best practices

Phone with Facebook

There are many ideas and tips you can use to better your live broadcast. You can choose to implement some of these in your Facebook marketing strategy. Remember, for you to get the perfect strategy, you need to test and try. Check out these 7 Facebook Live tips to get you started.

Build anticipation and practice your Facebook Live Selling  

Livestreaming your sales can create a social media firestorm if you’re doing it right. The secret is to build anticipation and prepare a performance that engages your audience throughout the whole Facebook Live. Therefore, it involves a two-step process.

First, to create anticipation, advertise the upcoming launch of your new product through your social media page. For example, you can create an event where you invite your followers to join. This way, they will get notified when the actual Facebook Live takes place. Furthermore, you can make announcements about what they are going to experience, and by this, you can catch their interest.

Second, create a show that keeps your audience engaged in such a way that they will stay to the end. Be as spontaneous and relaxed as possible. But practice beforehand in front of a camera. When you practice you can see how you’re performing and get hints about what you do right and what can be improved, and thus, make a Facebook Live broadcast that people will never forget.

Do a Q&A in your Facebook Live video

One of the easiest ways to keep your audience engaged in your Facebook Live videos is to include Q&As. This is a fast way to increase engagement with your audience because you can get them to comment and ask questions on the live video.

It also leaves room for getting feedback on how you’re performing. Even more, a Q&A helps you generate content quickly because you discover what your public wants. You can even offer your customers an in-depth look at your brand, which will mean more awareness in the long term. And that is a winning ticket.  

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Demonstrate your expertise

If you’re new to Fb live selling, you could start by explaining how some of your products work. You don’t even have to pick the latest new item in your store. You can pick items that you have thorough experience selling because if you catch your viewers’ interest, chances are high they will make a purchase.

Live |

As you know your products well (especially, when you have been selling them for a while), you’ll be more relaxed and this will create a space where people feel at home. It’s also a great way to start your first Facebook Live, particularly when you hate being filmed as it will come more naturally to you to talk about something you know so well.

Create a recurring show

People, like dogs, love repetition. Chasing a ball, lapping a course in a race car, sliding down a slide. Because as much as each incident is similar, so it is different.” – Garth Stein

The same goes for live selling on Facebook. So, if you want to cater to your loyal customers, then creating Facebook Live videos regularly is a clever idea. To make this work you must the best times to post Facebook Live videos.

Just look at your Facebook Page Insights and see how and when your followers interact with your Facebook page. Once you set the detail up, having a recurring show can be a fun way to let people explore your merchandise and get them to put money into your products.

Announce upcoming products

Besides getting people to buy from you once, you must also make them return for more. A great idea is to announce what is coming in the next Facebook Live video you’re doing.

By doing this, you will offer your customers a little insight into your future show and the products you will be offering. As you create anticipation, you will set the seal on their return. And this is another winning ticket because more viewers mean more potential customers!

Show off your brand

Nowadays, chances are high that your audience will engage with you during your Facebook Live shopping sessions. According to Neil Patel, 80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog post about your brand.

2 hosts showcasing products

This shows a lot of opportunities for your business, and you need to take advantage of them. One of the best things about live sales is that, besides selling your products, you also get to highlight your brand.

Live video is a fantastic way to show a glimpse of the business you’re running and what your brand is all about. This is how you will get your customers to relate to you as you can create a story that tells customers more about your brand’s personality.  

Run a promotion or a contest

When you offer a promotion or run a contest during a Facebook Live video, you can create massive brand awareness through what you’re offering.

By adding promotions and contests in your Facebook Live videos, you create an engaging experience with your audience because people will watch your video to get an extra product or even to win one. If you encourage people to share your live show with their friends, pretty soon your video can go viral on social media.  

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Sales tips for your Facebook Live videos

When we talk about live selling on social media and your website, the most important factor is doing sales. Without selling products your Facebook Live video is worth nothing. That’s why focusing on specific sales tips for your Facebook Live can be essential for success!

Before you start producing live video content with a cool live stream setup. Think about what your customers and viewers actually need to know about you and your products. It’s not enough to show a product and price. Creating an engaging experience is a must and can be done with our Facebook Live sales tips:

  • Use a countdown timer to create urgency
  • Use multichannel streaming
  • Showcase the best features
  • Bring on a co-host
  • Humanize your Facebook Live

Whether you choose to use Facebook Live or any other social selling tool, you still have to be a salesperson to sell products. But viewers aren’t tuning into your Facebook Live broadcasts to watch a normal salesperson. They want to be entertained. Try to be innovative and unique to make people want to come back for your next live broadcast too. It makes a huge difference.


These are just a few of many Facebook Live tips and tricks. If you wish to boost brand awareness, then going live on Facebook is a must! The feature has a lot of potential, and you should tap into them.

You can do many different things on the social media platform, but never forget to create anticipation. Once you’ve done that, you should build trust and create a connection so your audience turns into buying customers.

To do this, apply some of these awesome ideas and tricks for live shopping and check out Sprii who will facilitate and support your live selling on Facebook to a level where no human can keep up.  


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