increase in reach with live shopping

Almost 150,000 engagements

in six live shows

More than 13,300 views

in their first live event


40% boost in reach with live shopping propels Luksusbaby to new heights

Luksusbaby was founded in Denmark in 2013 with a strong focus on quality clothing and equipment for children. With more than 200 employees, the company operates an international webshop that ships its popular products worldwide. This, combined with 100k followers on both Facebook and Instagram, makes live shopping perfect for Luksusbaby.


A solution seamlessly integrated with Luksusbaby's DNA

With a strong social media following already in place, Luksusbaby aimed to capitalize on this advantage to boost their sales. By utilizing Sprii as their live shopping platform, the company was able to kickstart their live shopping events promptly. This move resulted in more than just a sales increase. It also helped improve customer relationships, expand their outreach to a larger audience, and strengthen their community.

Luksusbaby now hosts a minimum of one live shopping event every month to keep their entire community engaged. By doing so, they can offer entertaining and personalized interactions, which helps them build stronger relationships with their customers. This approach also allows them to showcase the latest additions to their product line to their community, which plays a vital role in their ongoing efforts to strengthen their brand and grow their customer base. 

We see live shopping as a unique opportunity to connect with our customers. If you look at all the great things live shopping can do and look at Luksusbaby’s DNA, they harmonize well.
Ida Winther
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Luksusbaby

Going above and beyond the average live shopping platform

Luksusbaby was determined to achieve continuous growth and community expansion. To achieve this goal, they sought a live shopping platform that went beyond the ordinary capabilities of such platforms. They found a versatile solution in Sprii that not only enabled them to host professional live shopping events but also acted as a strategic partner in their live shopping endeavors.

With a professional and accessible support and success team available from early morning to late evening, Luksusbaby can seamlessly navigate technical challenges and access expert guidance for marketing and promoting their live shopping events whenever the need arises. This support has been instrumental in helping them achieve their goals and continue to grow their brand and customer base.

The Sprii team is always super easy to get in contact with. They’re so nice and friendly and can always help us with any questions we might have.
Ida Winther
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Luksusbaby

40% lift in reach and maximum customer engagement

Following the successful hosting of six live shopping events, Luksusbaby has witnessed a significant shift in audience engagement. Notably, 40% of the viewers during these events are new to the Luksusbaby brand. The events are personally hosted by the owner, often accompanied by a co-host, who introduces fresh themes and exciting new content for each broadcast. This approach not only sustains the interest of existing viewers but also captivates and entertains newcomers.

Despite 40% of attendees being new to the brand, Luksusbaby consistently maintains high engagement levels throughout their live shopping events. Across the six events, they have achieved a total engagement of nearly 150,000, with one event peaking at over 13,000 viewers. These impressive numbers serve as evidence of the swift and substantial results that can be achieved when fully embracing live shopping.

Without Sprii, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as fast as we have.
Ida Winther
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Luksusbaby