So many customers are new to every live show

1 week

A single live show generates a whole week’s turnover


Views from one show


Kødriget generates a week’s turnover at each live show

Kødriget.dk is an online butcher shop that sells high-quality meat and focuses on animal welfare. With their online presence, they sell to all of Denmark, while also having a physical butcher shop in Esbjerg, where they have the opportunity to display the meat.


Want to be like the local butcher but online

Kødriget’s motto is that you should know your butcher – just like in the old days, when customers were on a first-name basis with the local butcher. Here the proximity, reassurance and good service took pride of place.

Live sales hit the mark of that mindset, so Kødriget had to try it out – even if it was a bit unconventional for a butcher to be part of the live sales wave. In fact, Kødriget was the first in the meat industry to try live sales, but since then many butchers have realised the benefits of live sales.

Kødriget quickly put together their first live show with a technical setup that unfortunately disappointed, even though the live show itself was a great success. The butcher was therefore advised to try Sprii, which quickly proved to be both easier to set up and much more user-friendly.

With live sales, we can play the same role as the local butcher - only online. We want to take customers by the hand, be present and come all the way into people’s kitchens.

Integrates with Shopify and handles all the administration

Sprii allows, among other things, Kødriget to integrate their live shows with their Shopify. That way, all their items are paired with the actual live sales.

Furthermore, the simple technical setup helps to eliminate possible errors and saves Kødriget untold amounts of time on administration. They don’t have to worry about the technical side, but can concentrate on the customers.

If it weren’t so simple, live sales wouldn’t be a reality. We don’t need a week to prepare and set it up. We can technically come in on Monday morning without having prepared anything other than knowing the offers. The technical stuff just works.

One week’s turnover and 50% new customers at each live show

Live sales give Kødriget the present and personal touch they want. By filming live from the physical shop, they can stand with the meat in their hands and have products that people may not know, or products that cost a little more than they do in the supermarket.

With the live format, Kødriget has a better opportunity to explain what distinguishes different types of meat and how they are best prepared to bring out their great taste. That’s exactly why they have got a barbecue in the studio.

The opportunity to create presence makes the live sales one of the most profitable marketing tools at Kødriget compared to, among other things, newsletters and regular social media posts. On most live shows, they get half a week’s turnover on one live show and a week’s turnover on the particularly successful live shows – and that’s only what happens during the hour they broadcast live.

Because one thing is the sales Kødriget gets during a live show. Another thing is the sales that come afterwards. Live sales attract significantly more visitors to Kødriget.dk than what was the case earlier, and there are about 50% new customers for each live show.

When you are in a restaurant and are introduced to a good wine by a true wine connoisseur, you will typically love it even before you taste it. The same applies when we present a quality piece of meat during a live show, tell about its origin and show how delicious it can be when barbecued. Once you’ve heard the good story about the new cuts and got tips on the best way to cook the meat, you can’t wait to bring it home to your kitchen. It gives a better overall experience and makes customers more confident about buying something they may not have tried before.