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Danish National Football Association

The Danish National Football Team kicks off their live shopping event with influencers

Established in 1889, the Danish Football Association, a founding member of FIFA and UEFA, has played a vital role in shaping the development of international football. Operating as the DBU (Dansk Boldspil-Union), it includes +1,500 clubs and over 350,000 members, showcasing its broad impact and influence on the sport.


Giving their community a behind-the-scenes peek into the inner workings

Have you ever considered live shopping and a football team being the perfect match? Well, the Danish National Football Team certainly did! They recognized the potential to connect with their massive community of Danish football enthusiasts by offering football insights, insider stories, and other engaging content to further strengthen their bond with their followers.

In collaboration with Sprii, they hosted a live shopping event with 3 of the most popular professional football players. Rasmus Højlund, Frederik Rønnow, and Joakim Mæhle joined the studio alongside host and influencer Melvin Kakooza, one of the most popular Danish comedians. Together, they dived into discussions about the team, engaged in entertaining games, and proudly showcased a range of football merchandise.


The perfect way to elevate merchandise sales while actively engaging with customers

In just minutes, the live shopping event drew in thousands of Danish football fans eager for top-tier merchandise. However, the offerings extended beyond merchandise. For instance,  an exciting football quiz was open to all viewers, providing an opportunity to win enticing rewards. This quiz not only added an interactive element but also served as a great way to unite people and amplify the show's reach.

Partnering with Sprii allowed DBU to concentrate on creating a unique live shopping event tailored to their community. The entire buying process was automated, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience for hosts, guests, and viewers. This seamless integration, coupled with entertaining hosting and the involvement of professional football players with substantial followings, contributed significantly to the resounding success of their debut live shopping event.


+22,000 people joined 3 world-renowned football players and popular Danish comedian

DBU and the Danish National Football Team hosted their debut live shopping event with great success. Over the course of this one-hour event, they engaged over 22,000 viewers and gained 13,000 engagements with a blend of quizzes, competitions, and anecdotes shared by three professional football players and a well-known Danish comedian.

The live shopping event showcased that having four influencers like, Rasmus Højlund, Frederik Rønnow, Joakim Mæhle, and Melvin Kakooza in front of the camera plays a big factor in maximizing reach. Moreover, the event also underscored the versatility of live shopping, demonstrating that all kinds of brands and industries can use live shopping when packaged in an engaging and entertaining way. Undoubtedly, this served as a fantastic kickoff to the European Championship, fostering a memorable experience for both fans and players alike.