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A week's

turnover from every live video

Several days

saved in administrative work

Miss Rouge

Miss Rouge creates a week’s turnover every Tuesday night through live sales on Facebook

Miss Rouge (da.: “Frøken Kindrød”) is a small pedestrian shop located in the heart of a Danish town called Haderslev. The shop is owned by Pia Schultz Heelsberg, who supplements the turnover from her physical shop with weekly live sales on Facebook.


When customers can't come to me, I must come to them

During the outbreak of Covid19, Danish retailers were ordered to shut down several times. These closures posed a serious threat to many of the small, physical shops without webshops – including Miss Rouge.

To save her business, Pia Schultz Heelsberg started hosting live sales events on Facebook. This idea quickly proved to work even better than expected. Today, Miss Rouge is broadcasting at the same time every Tuesday with a growing community of buyers following along and sharing styling tips.

When Corona came around and we were forced to close the doors, customers could no longer enter the store and access our products. Since my customers could not come to me, I had to come to my customers.

Same buying process as on a webshop - just live and on Facebook

Because Miss Rouge is a local pedestrian store without its own webshop, Sprii acts as a webshop on behalf of the store. When a customer enters a product code in the comments section, Sprii immediately sends a personal message in Messenger confirming that the item has been reserved. The message is followed by a link to a shopping cart containing the item(s) reserved by the customer.

It makes no difference whether the customer wants to buy two or thirty different products. Sprii constantly keeps track of all orders and cross-checks with the store’s product stock. When an item is sold out, she immediately notifies customers who have expressed a wish to buy it.

Once the live event is over and the customer has filled her basket with her favorite products, she can pay for the goods quickly and easily using her preferred payment solution. Sprii integrates with a wide range of payment options such as Klarna, QuickPay, Stripe and OnPay. This means that the buying process is the same as it is in a webshop. It’s both easy and convenient.

With Sprii, we save hours of administrative work for each live auction. Sprii is fast, accurate, and instantly tells the customer how much money she is about to spend, which items she has chosen and what to do next. We can't sell the same item twice because Sprii is constantly monitoring our product stock.

A full week's turnover per live show

What began as an emergency solution due to repeated closures of the store is now an essential part of the Miss Rouge business strategy. With the weekly live shows, the Miss Rouge store has significantly increased its revenue and the live sales now represent a key part of the store’s total turnover. In just an hour and a half, Pia sells clothes for the same amount of money as she does with her physical shop in a whole week.

At the same time, she is building many new customer relationships that are growing stronger with each passing week. Her regular viewers are also starting to form relationships across the board. From being a store where people came in and had nothing to do with each other, today they have built a close buying community with shared interests.

For me, Sprii is an indispensable tool. What I earn in an hour and a half during a live auction is equivalent to a week's turnover in my physical shop. Our live auctions have also given us such a sense of community. We hang out online every Tuesday and when people come to collect their goods on Wednesday, they remember each other from the day before. Soon after, they're sitting on the sofa chatting over a cup of coffee.