energy bars sold in just 10 minutes


of their monthly revenue in 45 minutes

0.80 EUR

per sign-up to their second live show


PurePower created 25% of their monthly turnover in just 45 minutes

PurePower is a sports nutrition brand that works with endurance athletes in triathlon, mountain biking, and running. For 10 years, PurePower has developed their products through knowledge-based research and used athletes in their ambassador programme to ensure that the products work.


PurePower wanted to lower their Customer Acquisition Cost

As PurePower found that the price of bringing new customers to their online store became more and more expensive, they were forced to take action. PurePower started searching for new, innovative ways of gaining attention and new customers, and it turned out that live shopping was the perfect solution.

With live shopping, PurePower was able to boost their presence on Facebook and gain more attention. Fortunately, live sales instantly lowered their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) while also boosting sales tremendously.

Besides the financial benefits, PurePower was also interested in a more direct and personal way of communicating with their customers. They wished to strengthen the relationship with their customers – and again, live shopping was the answer.

Selling live is ultra-present. It is exactly the type of presence we want in our communication. We show that we also make mistakes so that customers get a relationship with those behind the camera.

Sprii's automated processes save PurePower 15 hours of work in each live show and costs on shipping

After PurePower’s very first live shopping event, they knew that this was not the last one. However, they realised that Sprii's automated processes could make their next live sales event much easier and save them both time and money.

In their second live shopping event, Sprii registered and created every order made through the comments on the live video and sent it directly to the customer. Before using Sprii, customers could potentially place three orders, which would be packed and shipped separately. But thanks to Sprii, multiple orders from the same customer was now combined and shipped as one package. This saved PurePower a lot of money on shipping costs as well as time handling the orders.

Generally, PurePower experienced that the process became much more frictionless and much faster as soon as they started using Sprii. Compared to going live without Sprii's automations, PurePower now saves 10-15 hours of work each time they host a live shopping event.

It has saved us 10-15 hours of work to run the live sale through Sprii. Before, we processed many orders, but many were from the same people. Combining them saves us a lot on shipping – and a lot of time.

3,200 energy bars and half a tonne of energy powder sold in PurePower’s second live show

After PurePower’s first live shopping event, they were determined to step up in the next show – and they definitely did. During the 45 minutes, PurePower sold almost 3,200 energy bars, more than 2,000 bags of chews and gels, and nearly half a tonne of energy powder. All in all, PurePower received 25% of their monthly turnover during the 45 minutes of live selling.

In PurePower’s second live shopping event, they paid 0.80 EUR per sign-up compared to the 4.00 EUR they paid for each sign-up in their first live show. So, even though sales increased tremendously in their second live shopping event, the price per sign-up also fell significantly. Win-win.

Besides amazing sales numbers, PurePower also gained a much stronger and more personal connection to their customers. They might have made a few, small mistakes on screen, but that only made the bond with the audience even stronger. And that is one thing you just cannot put a price on.

3,200 energy bars and half a tonne of energy powder were sold in 45 minutes. Customers were ready to buy.