new customer growth

2 days

worth of revenue in just 1 hour


higher conversion rate


EYDA increased sales by 200% with one of their first live shows

EYDA, founded in 2018, is a Danish sportswear brand designed for active women. Operating exclusively online, they've crafted a strong presence via social media, showcasing live shopping events, workouts, and entertainment. This approach fosters a vibrant community and exemplifies the power of live shopping for revenue growth and community building.


EYDA wanted to revolutionize their customer experience and eliminate buying doubts

Prior to embarking on their live shopping journey, EYDA frequently received inquiries from customers regarding the texture and feel of their products. Since EYDA exclusively operates through their webshop, customers had no tangible way of inspecting and assessing the products. However, by hosting live shopping events, EYDA found a practical solution to their problem.

With live shows, EYDA can showcase their products in real-time and provide customers with the exact demonstration they desire. The live video feed offers customers a comprehensive understanding of the product’s appearance and fit – across several body types -, and EYDA can promptly respond to any questions viewers may have. By leveraging live shopping, EYDA successfully eliminates uncertainties and doubts that customers may have about their products.

With live shows, we can showcase our products better and answer any questions in real time. Even better, we can create a stronger connection to our community which is super important to us.

Maintaining a strong visual identity and ease-of-use are important

Staying true to their visual identity during live shows was a top priority for EYDA, and Sprii offered several customizable features to ensure brand consistency while showcasing and selling products through their livestream. In particular, the ability to customize digital overlays was essential for EYDA.

To achieve a seamless live shopping experience, EYDA aimed to streamline all technical aspects so they could focus solely on cultivating customer relationships and driving sales. The Sprii software provided EYDA with a hassle-free solution, merging community management with e-commerce without requiring hours of setup time. EYDA could then devote their attention towards building brand awareness, fostering an awesome community, and ultimately boosting revenue.

It’s important that we can keep a strong brand identity across all our channels and Sprii's customization makes that possible in our live shopping events.

2X conversion rates and 75% new customers from live events make live shopping an essential part of EYDA’s strategy

In March 2022, EYDA hosted their first live shopping event with the Sprii platform, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. In fact, one live show alone yielded a staggering 200% increase in sales, solidifying EYDA’s belief in live shopping as a significant avenue for growth.

Today, EYDA generates two days’ worth of turnover by going live for just one hour. At the same time, they are creating a ton of enthusiasm for their next live show. With an average of 3,000 viewers tuning in per live show, EYDA understands that live shopping is highly sought-after and appreciated by their community. This translates to an impressive 40,000 minutes watched per live show! Imagine having 3,000 customers in a physical store at once – an unfeasible feat without live shopping.

Live shopping also brings something else to the table that other marketing channels can’t keep up with. With live shows, EYDA has witnessed an increase in conversion rates from 5% to 10%, with a 50% lower cost-per-acquisition compared to other marketing channels. And by promoting their live events, they see a 75% boost in new customers which makes live shopping a reliable channel for growing their customer base at scale.

Live shopping has been a great help to increase our overall revenue. But we are just as thrilled about how it increases our reach and brand awareness. We get a lot of new customers every time we go live and our whole community enjoys being a part of our events.