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Rokkjær's Gold Silver Watches

Rokkjær has a turnover of 13,400 EUR per live event

Rokkjær’s Gold Silver Watches is a goldsmith and jewellery store located in a small Danish Island called Mors. In addition to the physical store, owner Line Rokkjær runs the webshop rokkjaers.dk.


Live sales without unnecessary handling

Line Rokkjær, owner of Rokkjær’s Gold Silver Watches, had long dreamed of reaching more potential customers than those who were part of her local community or had prior knowledge of her webshop. That’s why she was quick to jump on the trend when she heard a presentation in October 2021 about the many potentials of live video sales.

After running a few live shows without Sprii, Line found that the manual workload before, during, and after each show was too much for her and her staff to handle on their own. Therefore, she immediately contacted the team behind Sprii, who took over all the administrative work for her in a matter of minutes.

Because we receive an average of 250 orders per show, we need a system that can keep track of it for us. In addition, we have of course invested in good lighting and a good smartphone. We also have 4 devices connected during the broadcast so we can keep track of comments and ongoing sales.

Dashboard provides overview of completed orders, viewer numbers, products sold, and revenue

On October 19th 2021, Rokkjær’s Gold Silver Watches streamed live with the help of Sprii for the very first time. The event was a great success, and the store sold 5,500 EUR worth of jewelry in a single hour without a hitch.

In addition to registering all orders and keeping an eye on the store’s product stock, Sprii makes sure to notify the buyer that their order has been registered. Moreover, viewers who add items to their basket and then leave the basket receive a friendly reminder in Messenger to complete their purchase. This significantly reduces the store’s ’abandoned cart rate’.

One of the features of Sprii that Line Rokkjær particularly appreciates is the dashboard. During and after each live broadcast, Sprii provides her with data on her turnover as well as the number of viewers, reserved products, completed orders, etc. And should any questions arise, Sprii's support team is just a call away.

Sprii has a fantastic support team who are always available to help and guide - even in the evening when we are in the middle of a live stream and face a challenge. They are just a call away and available all day, every day of the week. That's highly valuable to us.

Turns over 13,400 EUR in one evening

Since the store hosted its first live show assisted by Sprii, the turnover has only gone in one direction – and that is up. Today, Rokkjær’s Gold Silver Watches easily turns over 8,000-13,400 EUR in a single evening through live sales alone. The store has found a new, indispensable sales channel that only gets more profitable with time – and with Sprii's help, handling the many comments and orders is no problem.

With live sales, the business is able to reach not just the local community but also the rest of Denmark. The store’s videos are viewed up to 4,000 times on Facebook, and most of them have an average of 300 constant viewers from start to finish. This is essentially equivalent to having 300 visitors to the physical store at the same time. Of course, far from all viewers make a purchase, but each live broadcast results in at least 250 direct sales and a boost in sales in the physical store in the days afterwards.

In addition to the growing sales rate and increased turnover, Line Rokkjær is pleased with the growing buying community that has emerged as a product of the live sales. When you attend a live event hosted by Rokkjær’s Gold Silver Watches, you immediately enter an online community where everyone shares the same interest in and enjoyment of jewellery and watches. The community effect is so strong that many viewers return again and again.

Live sales represent an additional sales channel for us, and today we have a turnover through this channel that we will not do without under any circumstances. In addition, we find live sales to be a great way to interact with our customers. Of course, we already have many local customers who support us, but with every live event we get more and more viewers from different parts of Denmark.