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Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene crushes viewer records with every live shopping event

Established in 1973 by Inger Grene and Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen, Søstrene Grene boasts over 260 stores across 16 European countries, offering a wide range of fashionable home decor and DIY products.


Creating deeper connections by involving customers in the Søstrene Grene experience

Søstrene Grene has long been celebrated for its inviting and cosy stores brimming with a variety of home decor and DIY offerings. Now they're on a quest to translate that experience into the digital realm. In pursuit of this goal, they've joined forces with Sprii to host captivating live shopping events on social media. Today they use Sprii' before, during, and after each event to create a more intimate brand connection, expand their reach, and boost revenue.

With live shopping, Søstrene Grene has the freedom to go live from any location, a flexibility they've already leveraged with resounding success. From charming seasonal themes like spring and Christmas, they've showcased the versatility of live shopping, proving its effectiveness whether the event is hosted from a physical store or an office setting.

It’s a great way to engage with the customers, ask them how they are using our products, and what they’d like to see in the future.
Caroline Sylvest Damsgaard
Paid Social Specialist at Søstrene Grene

Building a unique community with authentic shows that keep customers coming back

Live shopping empowers Søstrene Grene to engage, educate, and entertain their customers during each hour-long live session. This interactive platform has become a key factor in driving repeat attendance, as customers eagerly anticipate each new event. With a diverse range of DIY products, Søstrene Grene's hosts use these sessions to showcase their products, providing practical demonstrations and innovative ideas that transcend the traditional visit to a website.

The live shopping format has been an effective tool to help foster a vibrant community around Søstrene Grene. During their live shopping events, customers express their admiration for the products and even offer assistance in real time if mistakes happen or if sound issues occur. Embracing the occasional hiccup, Søstrene Grene recognizes the value of authenticity in their shows, knowing that it resonates deeply with their audience and keeps them returning for more.

It’s really valuable for us to see how we can build a community of loyal customers this way.
Gitte Cilius
Digital Creative Specialist at Søstrene Grene

In just 3 live shopping events, Søstrene Grene has gained more than 71,000 views

Søstrene Grene has already seen a positive impact on sales numbers, viewership, and engagements with live shopping. Using multiple hosts and guests, they maintain informative and entertaining shows, reaching tens of thousands with each show. They analyse each event to find areas of improvement which is one of the reasons why they keep breaking viewer records and experience amazing results with live shopping. 

Over the course of just three live shopping events, Søstrene Grene has experienced a consistent rise in viewership, with each event attracting an additional +10,000 viewers. This has resulted in an impressive total of 71,000 views and over 21,000 engagements, highlighting the remarkable success of their approach. Through their commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of live shopping, they harness its full potential for building communities, boosting revenue, and expanding reach. Their dedication to hosting authentic live shopping events serves as a valuable learning opportunity for everyone.

Every time we go live we see a peak in our sales numbers.
Mia Nygaard Nikolajsen
Digital Product Manager at Søstrene Grene