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Primo Tours

Primo Tours attendance 100X’ed with live shopping

Founded in 2009, Primo Tours aims to offer entertaining and relaxing travel experiences. Today, it’s one of the preferred choices among Danes seeking high-quality charter and all-inclusive vacations.


Primo Tours transforms the traditional way of buying vacations 

When it comes to selling vacation packages, Primo Tours recognizes the importance of staying on top of the latest sales methods to engage customers, raise awareness, and build communities. Their goal is not only to enhance revenue but also to transform the way their customers buy vacations. A key tool in achieving this is live shopping.

With live shopping, Primo Tours can reach a bigger audience and provide more detailed information about vacation options, going beyond what traditional websites offer. This not only helps customers make better decisions about their travel destinations but also fosters a deeper connection with the brand, resulting in a more personalized and enjoyable buying experience.

The impact is so great. With live shopping, we can reach and influence a lot of people.
Nikolaj Lykke Viborg
Head of Marketing at Primo Tours

Enhancing the vacation shopping experience to be more engaging and interactive

The synergy between live shopping and selling vacations offers a unique advantage due to the interactive nature of the format. Given that vacations often represent one of the most significant annual expenses for consumers, they need reassurance and confidence in their purchase decisions. Through live shopping, Primo Tours can answer questions about their vacation in real-time, something simply not possible on a website. Also, they can engage and captivate their audience with a variety of storytelling and dynamic content that keeps customers glued to their screens for the entire duration of the event.

Primo Tours recognizes the potential of live shopping to maximize the impact of their business strategy. The ability to discuss things like accommodations, attractions, weather, and more, to an audience of over 10,000 viewers in real-time is an advantage that traditional travel talks cannot compete with. Therefore, the company is dedicated to integrating live shopping into their approach going forward.

This includes hosting a minimum of two live shopping events monthly, each highlighting different vacation packages while leveraging various features of the Sprii platform to foster active participation, facilitate purchases, and encourage social sharing, ultimately driving sales and enhancing the overall customer experience.

If we look at the interest, the questions, the activity around our events, and all the responses we get, the impact is way bigger than our physical events.
Nikolaj Lykke Viborg
Head of Marketing at Primo Tours

Attendance 100X’ed with live shopping compared to physical events

In the competitive world of selling charter vacations, leveraging websites and hosting travel talks are conventional strategies. However, Primo Tours has elevated their approach by embracing live shopping, allowing them to connect with thousands of viewers per event, a significant expansion from the typical few hundred attendees at traditional talks.

To enhance engagement, Primo Tours uses multiple hosts during their events to create a more engaging dynamic during their events. They always encourage their customers to actively participate in interactive games and informative discussions, resulting in impressive outcomes. Across just three live shopping events, Primo Tours captivated over 33,500 viewers and generated more than 15,500 social media engagements. This shows that live shopping, when executed properly, can deliver exceptional results.

One of the big wins with live shopping is the number of people that participate in each event.
Nikolaj Lykke Viborg
Head of Marketing at Primo Tours