+$70,000 revenue

with their first B2B event

40% conversion rate

with B2B live shopping

7X higher conversion rate

with B2C live shopping

Society of Lifestyle

Society of Lifestyle shatters B2B record with a 40% conversion rate

Society of Lifestyle was founded in 2002, driven by a vision to craft beautifully designed home products for B2B and B2C markets. Today, their expansive brand universe consists of four distinct and well-known brands, including House Doctor, Nicolas Vahé, byNORD, and Meraki - all of which are shipped worldwide.


A revolutionary sales method helps take Society of Lifestyle’s brands to new markets

Society of Lifestyle is always on the lookout for innovative ways to showcase its brands and quality products to retailers and home interior enthusiasts. One of the ways they achieve this is by hosting live shopping events on their website and inviting retailers to participate. By hosting live shopping events tailored for the B2B market, Society of Lifestyle has found a new way to increase brand awareness, build stronger communities and customer relations, and boost overall revenue locally as well as internationally.

To make the process of going ‘live’ even smoother, Society of Lifestyle has partnered with Sprii to seamlessly integrate the platform directly onto their B2B website. This integration makes it effortless for retailers to access the live video feed, add desired products to their order list, and navigate the website for additional product information.

Live shopping is a game-changer for our business, in part because it eliminates tedious admin work and lets us focus on creating unique shopping experiences for our customers.
Kasper Vigen
E-commerce Developer & Data Analyst at Society of Lifestyle

Building stronger connections with B2B customers through live shopping

Society of Lifestyle embraces the needs of its B2B customers by humanizing its brands and establishing a more personal connection through live shopping. B2B live shopping serves as the gateway to achieving this objective, elevating the buying experience and providing retailers with a comprehensive insight into the entirety of the Society of Lifestyle's brand universe.

By hosting live shopping events tailored for retailers, Society of Lifestyle works more efficiently because live shopping not only enhances the buying experience but also resolves the issue of individually introducing products to each retailer, which can be time-consuming and difficult to offer to internationally based retailers. Now, Society of Lifestyle has a way of presenting its product range to thousands of businesses collectively, making it easier for them to explore and discover the brand's offerings.

Building meaningful connections with our valued customers is very important to us, and live shopping offers a fresh and exciting avenue to accomplish exactly that.
Kasper Vigen
E-commerce Developer & Data Analyst at Society of Lifestyle

Generating +$70,000 in revenue from their debut B2B live event exceeds all expectations

Society of Lifestyle successfully hosted live shopping events for both B2B and B2C audiences, reaping remarkable outcomes across both markets. In their inaugural B2B event that lasted for just 40 minutes, they reached retailers across 13 different countries, yielding an impressive revenue of over $70,000 - an achievement nearly doubling their initial goals for the live shopping event.

While acknowledging the anticipated difference in attendance between B2B and B2C events, Society of Lifestyle observed that despite lower viewership, the audience present during B2B events demonstrated a high readiness to make purchases, culminating in an exceptional conversion rate of 40%.

The outcomes from Society of Lifestyle’s B2C live shopping events with the brand House Doctor are also worth mentioning. Just two B2C live shopping events resulted in +12,300 views, +8,000 engagements, and a conversion rate 700% higher than the norm - a clear demonstration of the substantial impact live shopping can have across both B2B and B2C.

Society of Lifestyle's success stories with live shopping illustrates a paradigm shift in retail, pioneering a new era of personalized and immersive shopping experiences, even when it comes to the B2B market.

Our first live shopping event exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to continue exploring the many possibilities that live shopping holds.
Kasper Vigen
E-commerce Developer & Data Analyst at Society of Lifestyle