1,953 products

sold in just two hours

Two weeks’ turnover

generated in one live sale


in one live shopping event

Degn Topshop

Degn Topshop creates two weeks’ turnover in one live event

Degn Topshop is a local, physical fashion store located in Holstebro in Denmark, owned by the Degn-Vester family. They sell clothing and accessories to women – both in the physical store as well as live on Facebook.


The art of keeping up with many orders

During the Covid19 pandemic, Degn Topshop ended up in the same horrible situation as many other physical stores – it was temporarily forced to close. So, the idea of live shopping came at the perfect time, and Degn Topshop quickly experienced great success with live shopping.

Actually, live shopping performed so well in Degn Topshop that they began to lose track of the incoming orders, as they did not have a way to automate them. Here, Sprii was the perfect partner to ensure that they could continue selling live without all the administrative, manual work. From here on, Degn Topshop was able to boost their sales even more with live shopping on Facebook.

Very quickly, many people started watching our live shows. And they were from all over the country.

Thanks to Sprii, Degn Topshop can go live three times a week

In order to keep up with the increasing number of orders from a live sale, Degn Topshop started using Sprii. The aim of linking with Sprii was to gain an overview of sales and to automate the administrative processes, so that the Degn family could spend their time on more important matters in the business and on creating even more live events for the customers.

During a live event, customers simply write a comment to place an order. Sprii ensures that the desired product is added to the the customer’s shopping cart and Sprii sends a link to the cart to the customer’s Messenger inbox. Here, the customer can easily choose the preferred method of delivery or pick-up and choose the payment solution that best suits her needs.

In other words, Sprii takes on the role as the shopping cart, the payment system, and the shipping system. Sprii provides the digital necessities that you would normally see in an online store, but without having an actual webshop. This also means that Degn Topshop is able to go live three times a week.

With Sprii, our live sales on Facebook have multiplied, whilst order handling has significantly decreased. We love all the opportunities that Sprii offers - and, of course, their customer service!

Two weeks’ turnover in one live shopping event

Since Degn Topshop started selling live with Sprii, they have even more viewers – and more orders. One of their live shows reached 30,500 people and received 10,000 comments. During that live show, they sold 1,953 products, and altogether they generated two weeks’ turnover in just two hours.

Compared to the number of visitors and orders they have in the physical store, these numbers are absolutely incredible! And it is only possible, since the administrative work has become almost fully automatic, saving the store several hours of manual work. Therefore, Degn Topshop can go live up to three times a week – and the customers and viewers enjoy it!

Live sales have become an effective shortcut to the store’s online presence and sales. It has given them greater visibility and much more traffic – not only on Facebook but also in their physical store.

We absolutely love Sprii. Our sales and reach have grown more than we could have dreamed of! Sprii is super easy to use and the support from the Sprii-team is without comparison. We can in every way recommend using Sprii for their live shopping and social commerce.