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JYSK captivates +51,000 people with live shopping

Since its inception in 1979, JYSK has continuously excelled as a global leader in the home and decor industry. With +3,300 stores, and +30,000 dedicated employees across 51 countries, JYSK has been the go-to retailer for smart and functional home essentials for decades.


An innovative sales method that embodies the essence of the JYSK brand

For almost 45 years, Danes have been familiar with the phrase, “My name is Lars Larsen, and I have a great offer for you,” a sentiment deeply intertwined with the fabric of JYSK. The sight of Lars Larsen, the visionary behind JYSK, on television fostered a profound personal bond between people and the brand. This, coupled with quality products and great customer service, catapulted JYSK to become one of the biggest retailers in Europe.

To continue on this path, JYSK actively pursued a live shopping platform that not only harmonized with their values but also introduced an innovative sales method. Partnering with Sprii was the perfect solution to elevate sales and stay true to the personal approach that strikes a chord with customers.


Maintaining a strong connection to customers while boosting revenue

Live shopping enables JYSK to maintain a personalized connection with its customers. Through live shopping events, the brand not only entertains its audience but also facilitates a platform for customers to ask questions and gain valuable product insights. 

Finding the perfect pillow or the ideal mattress online can be challenging. However, with live shopping and two store managers as dynamic hosts answering questions in real time, customers find it significantly easier to make informed purchase decisions. This results in fewer returns, enhanced customer satisfaction, and amplified sales - a favorable outcome for everyone!


Over 12,500 people actively participating in each 30-minute live shopping event

Live shopping and Sprii quickly proved to be the perfect fit for JYSK. In just four live shopping events, JYSK has amassed an impressive audience, exceeding 51,000 viewers in total. That’s over 12,500 people actively engaging with the brand and buying products during each 30-minute live shopping event. 

The audience sees the same two hosts in every live shopping event, which fosters a sense of familiarity and trust among customers. This personal connection not only acquaints viewers with the hosts but also ingrains a deeper connection with the JYSK brand, and that’s instrumental in JYSK’s achievement of over 50,000 engagements across four events. 

These events are both entertaining and informative, each featuring a new theme, which makes returning viewers enticed to come back for more, while new viewers are swiftly captivated, finding reasons to stay, watch, and engage.