30% of total revenue

comes from Sambo’s live sales

4,400 viewers

in just one live shopping event

From 1,000 to +4,200

followers on Facebook in one year


Sambo’s live sales contribute 30% of their total revenue

Sambo is a midsize, physical fashion store in Luleå in Sweden, where you can buy beautiful clothing for both women and men. They sell hand-picked styles from smaller brands that are not available everywhere – with great success. Sambo does not have an online store, but with live shopping, you can still order your favorite clothes from Sambo from your smart phone while sitting at home.


New, innovative ideas were necessary during the Covid19 pandemic

In the beginning of 2020, the entire world faced a major crisis as Covid19 spread – like lightning from a clear sky. Everything changed – also in the fashion store Sambo in Sweden. During the pandemic, the usually very busy store had almost no visitors, which of course affected sales immediately.

Ann-Helen, the owner of Sambo, was quick to think outside of the box. She was never intrigued by the thought of having an online store, as she loves the contact with her customers and the relationships they build. Instead, Sambo started doing live shopping and Sprii helped them make it extremely easy and simple.

With live shopping, Ann-Helen could continue to build relations and give personal advice to her customers, while they could purchase the clothing from home. And it quickly became a great success!

Fast forward to the fall 2022: The pandemic is no longer affecting the store, but live sales have come to stay!

In an empty store it was of course very difficult to sell anything, so during Covid19, we were forced to act. However, I never wanted an online store since I really love and enjoy the contact and relationships with our customers. Therefore, live shopping was a perfect solution for us since it allows us to talk with our customers and build relations – both during and after the lockdown.

Sambo focuses on sales, while Sprii handles all administration and collects orders automatically

During Sambo’s live shows, they present clothing while telling the viewers about the fit, quality and materials. Additionally, they give advice on how to style the clothes and when to wear it – just as they would do if the customers visited the physical store. The viewers can ask questions about the clothing and receive an answer immediately.

Ann-Helen has established great relations with other local stores, so she can even offer luxurious hair products from the hairdresser just behind their store and delicious caramels from a local producer. This creates a great sense of community while allowing Sambo to host unique live shopping events.

When the viewers want to buy something from the live show, they simply write a comment as instructed by Ann-Helen and her colleagues. Sprii answers all comments and creates the orders. Instantly, the customer receives a link to her basket in Messenger, so she can easily pay for the order with the Swedish mobile payment solution Swish.

In short: Sambo can focus solely on sales and relations during the live show, while Sprii handles all administration automatically. After the show, they print out the order list and start packing.

It was quick to get started with Sprii and the costs were insignificant, and since everything is automated, we could start live selling after just 24 hours. We often have a specific offer for each live sale, but we invent new things all the time that customers think are fun. Thanks to Sprii, we have time for great, personal dialogues with our customers.

Sambo built a show room only for live shopping, as it now contributes 30% of the total revenue

Since Sambo’s first live sale, they have developed greatly. Now, live shopping contributes 30% of Sambo’s total revenue, which is absolutely amazing. During the pandemic, live sales saved Sambo, but it continues to work wonders and boost sales. Ann-Helen is assured that live shopping is still crucial in their strategy after Covid19.

Therefore, they built a show room just for their live shows. This is a dedicated space to host the shows with all the necessary equipment and with the perfect decoration for the shows. On top of that, the Sambo team has grown to keep up with new initiatives and with all the orders from their live sales. The team has grown with one full-time employee and one part-time employee. Even though the potential is huge, Ann-Helen is aware that they need to grow in a healthy pace, where they can keep up.

Since Sambo hosted their first live shopping event, their follower base on Facebook has grown as well. Concretely, it has increased from 1,000 followers to more than 4,200 followers and the increase continues. Now, one single live sale can attract more than 4,400 viewers. Imagine if 4,400 people visited your store in a few hours!

With Sprii and live shopping, Sambo adapts to the customer’s needs. They are prepared for the future, and they continue to come up with new, innovative ideas to drive even more sales.

I never expected that live shopping would be this effective – even after the pandemic has ended. Now, live shopping contributes 30% of our revenue and I even had to hire two more employees to keep up and build a show room dedicated only to hosting live sales. We are all so curious to see what the future holds for us!