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Nodge by Nagy

Nodge by Nagy gets 50% increase in turnover and new customers from the entire country

Nodge by Nagy is a physical store in Sweden which sells clothing and accessories to fashionable women. The store has no webshop but a strong profile on social media with a growing number of followers. Today, Nodge by Nagy has converted its social media accounts into a sales channel with the help of Sprii.


Wanted direct and personal contact to many customers at once

Nodge by Nagy originally decided to sell their products live via social media because they saw it as a unique opportunity to have direct and personal contact with many customers at once instead of only one at a time.

With live sales, they were able to supplement their one-to-one interactions with one-to-many interactions – and Sprii seemed like the perfect software to assist them.

Live selling is such a personal way of selling, and Sprii makes it both easy and efficient so that we can focus on what we are good at: Creating sales and nurturing customer relationships.

Saves days of manual work with Sprii checkout and shipping integrations

Thanks to Sprii and the Sprii checkout, the administration of Nodge by Nagy’s live events is now fully automated. Sprii manages all communication with the customers, keeps track of the inventory, and ensures that the right information is shared with the customers to give them a great shopping experience.

When a customer wishes to buy a product, she simply writes a comment with the designated product code and instantly receives a written confirmation in Messenger. The confirmation message includes a link to a shopping cart which already contains the product. If the customer buys several products, the shopping cart will be updated to include all the chosen products.

Next, the customer can choose between various shipping options which are integrated with Sprii. Alternatively, she can also choose to simply pick-up the products in the physical store. Finally, the customer is able to easily pay with her desired paying service such as Clarna or Swish.

Since the order and shipping process has become automated with Sprii, we are not simply saving hours but days of work. Sprii is that effective.

50% increase in turnover and 3 times more viewers since starting

By selling their products live on social media with the assistance of Sprii, Nodge by Nagy has seen amazing results. The most noticeable result is a 50% increase in turnover compared to before they incorporated live sales into their sales strategy. During some of their most successful live shows, they sell clothing for about 31,500 Euro.

Additionally, they have increased their visibility and reach on social media. In fact, they gain at least 100 new followers on social media after each live show. This growing exposure means that they continuously get new customers from all over the country who would not otherwise have heard about the store.

In a recent live event, Nodge by Nagy got no less than 25.000 views and 9.600 comments. That is three times as many views and comments as they got on their very first live event. Of course, not all comments were from someone buying a product. Some comments were from viewers with questions to specific products or people tagging their friends and family. But thanks to the Facebook algorithm, all comments contribute to getting a greater reach and being exposed to more potential customers. What’s not to like?

Finally, Åsa has seen seen a boost in the daily number of people visiting their physical store. Prior to her live selling adventure, she would get around 30 paying customers a day, whereas she now gets at least 100 paying customers a day – many of whom have heard of her store from social media.

With live auctions we get more customers both in our physical store and on our webshop. It boosts our reach tremendously and has increased our turnover with 50%. Without Sprii, we would never be able to reach out to so many people, let alone keep up with all the messages.