Nearly $600,000

in sales

More than



25,000 engagements

BabySam's live shopping excellence sparks nearly $600K in sales

BabySam was established in 1973 and is Denmark's largest and most innovative chain for baby equipment, with a nationwide network of 32 retail stores, as well as institutional and E-commerce sales.


Building a stronger community with direct interaction

With a strong presence on social media, BabySam aims to educate and engage its entire community. With live shopping, they interact directly with every customer, entertaining them and answering questions about their products. By utilizing multiple hosts and hosting live events that revolve around customer interests, like how to make your child sleep at night and which auto chair is the perfect choice, they keep customers coming back for more, further boosting their social media presence and strengthening the community.

Every child is different, so there are different needs to fulfill - both for parents and for the child. With live shopping, we can interact directly with the target audience, answer their questions, and advise them on a wide range of products - big and small.
Emma Sophia Ølund Larsen
Social Media Manager at BabySam

Streamlining the purchasing process, elevating customer satisfaction, and boosting in-store traffic

It's essential that the solution not only nurtures loyalty but is also user-friendly for both BabySam and their customers. With Sprii, BabySam simplifies the entire buying process, in part by giving customers the option to pick up products in nearby stores within hours. During a recent event, this drove 17,000 customers to their brick-and-mortar stores, where they continued to shop. This is a significant factor driving BabySam to regularly host live shopping events on their social media channels.

The fact that the customer can shop while getting advice, have their questions answered, and have the option to pick up their order within a few hours in their local BabySam store is the greatest service we can provide.
Emma Sophia Ølund Larsen
Social Media Manager at BabySam

Boosting reach, engagement, and sales with each live shopping event

BabySam utilizes live shopping across several channels and improves with each event. They even use different hosts for specific objectives. Some live events primarily showcase and sell products, while others focus on education, with their most successful live shopping event achieving an outstanding +40,000 views,+25,000 engagements on Facebook and Instagram, and nearly $600,000 in sales. Consider the time it would take for a store or a website to get 40,000 visitors – for BabySam, this feat was achieved in just a 90-minute live shopping event, showing their mastery of the live shopping craft.

Live shopping activates more of our channels across the board, and we achieve greater reach, engagement, and conversions time and time again - and most importantly, we help our customers take a small step forward in their parenting journey.
Emma Sophia Ølund Larsen
Social Media Manager at BabySam