views across Facebook and Instagram.


More comments, compared to their first shows.


More sales, compared to their first shows.


How Blomsterlandet worked their way to almost half a million views

Blomsterlandet is a Swedish plant and garden retail chain that started in the 1970s in Gothenburg. Owned by Stena Adactum since 2004, the company has expanded to over 60 stores across Sweden, offering quality plants and gardening supplies.


To reach, inspire, and inform gardening enthusiasts and build a personal connection

With over 110,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, Blomsterlandet is dedicated to engaging their online community. Their social media content, featuring stunning pictures, gardening tips, and influencer collaborations, has always been inspiring. However, they were looking for a way  to deepen their relationship with their audience and elevate engagement even more.

To bring their in-store experience to a digital audience, Blomsterlandet decided to launch Live Shopping events. Initially, they experimented with another platform, but it proved to be ineffective and costly. “Our old platform didn’t stream to Instagram or Facebook, so we weren’t able to reach our followers. After receiving a few good recommendations, we decided to switch to Sprii, and we haven’t looked back since!” says Erica Dahlqvist, Product and Marketing Coordinator at Blomsterlandet.

Partnering with Sprii, Blomsterlandet now hosts weekly Live Shopping events, featuring special themes, topics, and presenters. Audience feedback has been phenomenal, with viewership, engagement, and sales steadily increasing with each event.

“It’s like an extra window to the customer and a new way to reach a lot of people. It allows us to showcase products in our stores and drive more footfall to our local stores across the country,” Erica adds.

Sprii is easier than other platforms and gives you the means to reach your social media followers.
Erica Dahlqvist
Product and Marketing Coordinator at Blomsterlandet

Striving for Live Shopping excellence, each show gets better

Blomsterlandet kicked off their Live Shopping journey by literally printing buy codes on paper and flashing them during their events. It was a start, but they quickly realized the game-changing potential of Sprii's slick digital overlays. These digital enhancements not only streamlined the process but also added a professional touch to their shows, impressing their audience and boosting engagement.

Despite the occasional hiccup along the way, Blomsterlandet stays true to their authentic selves. They understand that imperfections are part of the charm, and their hosts' genuine warmth and openness keep viewers hooked.

Fully committed to the Live Shopping game, the Blomsterlandet team conducts regular performance reviews, constantly refining their approach. It's all about staying agile, adapting to feedback, and fine-tuning their strategy for maximum impact.

We’ve received very positive feedback from our online community. They love seeing Blomsterlandet’s own staff host these live shows.
Erica Dahlqvist
Product and Marketing Coordinator at Blomsterlandet

50,000 viewers per show and more than 400,000 views on Facebook and Instagram in only 8 months

From an initial audience of roughly 13,000 viewers during their early live shows, Blomsterlandet now garners an impressive average of 37,000 to 50,000 viewers per broadcast.

Their weekly live shows have amassed over 400,000 views across Facebook and Instagram, with expanding reach translating into heightened engagement and increased sales over time.

In just 8 months, they've achieved a remarkable 5X increase in average total comments and 4X’ed their sales compared to their initial events. This transformation underscores their Live Shopping success, highlighting the profound impact of commitment, dedication, and perseverance.

It’s so much fun! Just set up your camera and try Live Shopping. There may be occasional hiccups, but the rewards far surpass any potential missteps!
Erica Dahlqvist
Product and Marketing Co-ordinator at Blomsterlandet