30 minutes

of average view time

More than 20%

monthly revenue generated from one live show

Almost 100,000

comments on a single live show


Ecooking uses live shopping to boost revenue and community

Ecooking, founded in Denmark in 2015, is a skincare brand known for its commitment to natural and organic ingredients. It has become a prominent name in the beauty industry, primarily selling its products online and through retailers like Matas. Despite lacking physical stores, Ecooking maintains a robust online presence through social media and live shopping to engage its loyal customers.


Ecooking wanted a better way to educate their customers and enhance the customer experience

Skincare products are not always as simple as they may initially seem, and Ecooking understands this reality all too well. That’s precisely why they’ve embraced the concept of live shopping, using it as a powerful tool to not only guide but also educate their customers on the knowledge and techniques necessary to unlock the full potential of their products.

Through its live shopping events, Ecooking built a platform that not only expanded its sales and marketing reach but also fed its community’s hunger for comprehensive skincare insights and guides.

By embracing this innovative approach, Ecooking intertwines education, exploration, and commerce, forming an immersive experience that invites customers to delve deeper into the world of skincare, elevating their understanding and achieving remarkable results.

Live shopping provides us with a great opportunity to engage and educate our customers in an entertaining format that gives viewers an easy way to get answers to questions about our products.

An easy-to-use setup for effortless community building

Recognizing the importance of establishing strong customer relationships and fostering communities, Ecooking, with no physical store of its own, sought an effective way to bridge the gap with its customers. Central to this endeavor was the need for a hassle-free and user-friendly software solution that could facilitate meaningful customer engagement.

With the Sprii platform, Ecooking effortlessly organized live shopping events with customizable overlays that embodied the brand’s unique identity. These events served as an ideal platform for educating customers on the proper utilization of Ecooking’s skincare products. Leveraging the user-friendly nature of the system, Ecooking collaborates with diverse influencers, seeking their expert perspectives and broadcasting the experience across multiple social media channels.

Using live shopping makes it possible to put a personal touch on our brand identity that wasn’t possible before. By hosting live shopping events our customers can see a familiar face every time, together with other employees or influencers. It’s a great way to create and build stronger relationships with our growing community

A single live shopping event generates over 20% of the monthly revenue

Live shopping hasn’t only provided Ecooking with an avenue to personify its brand and build community, but it has also proven to be a great revenue stream every time they’ve hosted a live event. The success of their live shopping events has even surpassed their regular business days by a wide margin, which has become a significant catalyst for Ecooking to continually host new and exciting live shopping events.

With a strong social media presence, Ecooking always sees great interest in its live shopping shows. With an audience of over 2,000 live viewers, their live shopping events accumulate more than 40,000 total views, accompanied by an influx of comments of almost 100,000 on some of their most popular live shopping events.

These viewers remain engaged for the majority of the live shopping event, as Ecooking obtains an average view time of 30 minutes per session. Retaining potential customers for such an extended period of time is a notable achievement, showcasing the great results of their live shopping efforts.

Live shopping is a crucial part of our marketing and sales strategy. When we host live shopping events on multiple platforms all at once, we can reach a bigger audience than we could ever dream of with only a physical or online store