2 million

organic reach

Create & Craft

How Create and Craft grew their organic reach to 2 million in only 4 months

Established in 2003 and now a part of Hochanda Global Ltd, Create and Craft operates its own dedicated television channel in the UK, available on Freeview, Sky, and Virgin Media. They effectively blend their media presence with an extensive retail offering, featuring brands like Two Red Robins, Lisa Horton Crafts, Clarity Crafts, Tonic Studios, John Next Door, Stamps by Me, Sizzix, AAL & Create, Stamperia International Ltd, Debbie Shore, and Brother.


To build engagement on social media and create a new avenue for sales

Boasting a robust online presence with over 300K followers on Facebook and Instagram, Create and Craft is no stranger to entertaining their vast community of crafters. However, in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

Last year, E-commerce Digital Marketing Specialist Emma Beattie took charge of Create and Craft’s organic social media and sought to innovate their approach. She was particularly inspired by the rising trend of social commerce, which has been gaining significant traction globally. Recognizing the potential, she integrated Live Shopping into their marketing strategy, leveraging Create and Craft’s strong foundation as a TV shopping channel.

“It seemed like a natural progression to extend our reach to social platforms,” she says. Knowing of Emma’s interest in social commerce, her colleague recommended Sprii to her.

I explored Sprii and was impressed by its simplicity and ease of use. I particularly liked that you can edit past live shows to create shoppable images and videos. That’s a real boon for us, and an easy way to fill up our content calendar on slow days.
Emma Beattie
E-commerce Digital Marketing Specialist at Create and Craft

Planning, preparation, and practice are key

Live Shopping on social media was a completely new concept for Create and Craft, and a significant change for their customers and suppliers.

“We had a few skeptics in the beginning, but we were determined to make it a success,” she says. “Reading Sprii's customer stories and case studies was a great tool to help me get started. I watched past events to see what worked for other businesses and adapted those strategies to fit our audience,” she adds.

Create and Craft’s preparation for Live Shopping events is meticulous. They have developed their own “Sprii Briefing Sheets” that are reviewed with the presenter and guest two hours before each show. The brief includes introductions, an overview of the live session, and details about giveaways or competitions.

During the session, they focus on presenting the main content, encouraging audience interaction through Q&A, and demonstrating the products, which drives sales. They conclude with a call to action, reminders about shopping opportunities, and announcements of future live sessions.

“Practice, practice, practice, and rehearse! That’s what makes us get better with every show!” says Emma.

Getting started with Sprii was super easy, and when we needed help, we got a hold of customer support in no time. Our issues were resolved within 30 minutes, and the staff has been amazing at following up with us and ensuring our continued success.
Emma Beattie
E-commerce Digital Marketing Specialist at Create and Craft

66,000+ views and 10,000+ comments on Facebook and Instagram in only 4 months

“Our social media engagement in the past wasn’t great. Since implementing Live Shopping, our audience numbers and followers on Facebook have surged, and our Instagram following has seen similar growth. Moreover, live shopping has opened up a new avenue for sales, allowing us to cater to specific audience segments more effectively,” says Emma.

Their live events on Instagram have also driven a 575% increase in content interactions and a whopping 237% increase in link clicks. Opening up a new demographic, Create and Craft, which mainly caters to more mature audiences, has also seen an increase in engagements from the 25-34 age group.

“Live Shopping has been a game-changer for us, and we have no intention of slowing down. Our upcoming plans include a series of live sessions at a crafting expo in mid-July, where we will broadcast demonstrations with suppliers and interactive sessions from the event floor. This will not only engage the existing audience but also attract new viewers who can follow along with the demonstrations and purchase related products,” she adds.

For businesses considering live shopping, Emma recommends doing thorough research and planning well. “Study Sprii’s case studies and observe successful live shopping events on various social platforms. Each audience is unique, so understanding their preferences and planning accordingly is key.

Preparing a detailed plan, including product selection, marketing strategies, and technical setup, can significantly enhance the chances of success. It's also important to ensure that everything, from lighting to Wi-Fi, is in optimal condition.”

Live Shopping has helped to boost our organic reach across the platforms to 1.7 million on Facebook and 238K on Instagram. That’s a 98% increase!
Emma Beattie
E-commerce Digital Marketing Specialist at Create and Craft