90,000 unique viewers

in one live event


in revenue in 4.5 hours

+1 million viewers

across all events


POWER uses live shopping to drive $3M in 4.5 hours

POWER, the leading home electronics retailer in the Nordic region, was founded in Denmark in 2015 and today boasts nearly 200 physical stores and a growing team of 4,400 employees.


POWER aims to extend in-store relationships to the online sphere

POWER takes pride in creating meaningful relationships and personal connections with customers in their physical stores, a commitment they sought to extend seamlessly into the online realm. Their goal was to enhance customer engagement, and they achieved this through the integration of live shopping and Sprii.

With live shopping, customers have the ability to interact in real time, allowing them to ask detailed questions or seek further clarification during the show. This interaction mirrors the immersive shopping experience customers experience in POWER's physical stores and enhances transparency while giving POWER a better understanding of customer preferences and areas that require attention.

We believe that brands focusing on live shopping and having a close dialogue with their customer will grow successfully.
Joakim Sigvardt
E-commerce Manager at POWER

Sprii delivers important features to sustain immense traffic

In POWER's pursuit of creating a vibrant social environment and fostering engagement, POWER sought a platform for effective communication during live shopping events. POWER chose Sprii and is utilizing Sprii's communication features, directing all sales to its website.

For instance, Sprii facilitates competitions during live events, where viewers participate by commenting during the sale, creating a ripple effect, and making other viewers want to comment to be a part of the show. When POWER announces a competition, Sprii handles up to 300 chatbot interactions per second, showcasing its real-time responsiveness under pressure that no other platform can compete with.

Sprii is the only platform that is geared to handle all the traffic during our live event.
Joakim Sigvardt
E-commerce Manager at POWER

POWER’s live shopping events set new sales records

Live sales have not only generated positive feedback, strengthened the brand, and fostered high engagement for POWER but have also set impressive new sales records. The cumulative sales during live shopping events have exceeded $10 million, with over a million customers actively participating.

Notably, during POWER's Black Friday live event on November 25, 2021, the numbers were remarkable. A staggering 90,000 unique viewers actively participated in the show, with Sprii seamlessly managing 60,500 real-time comments. The average view time and interaction levels were exceptionally high, showcasing the immense potential of live shopping.

Facts from POWER’s Black Friday live shopping event 2021:

  • 90,000 unique viewers
  • The show was viewed 100,000 times on Facebook
  • $3 million in revenue in 4.5 hours
  • 30,000 viewers clicked a link from Sprii's messages
  • Sprii managed 60,500 comments
  • The total view time was 665 days
  • 87,000 total engagements

On the latest news from POWER, they achieved +210,000 views, +85,000 engagements, and an 11% increase in sales from 2022 Black Friday to 2023 Black Friday!

15 live shows later, we have sold for over $10 million, and we have had more than a million customers join our shows. That’s crazy!
Joakim Sigvardt
E-commerce Manager at POWER