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2,300 total engagements

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live shopping debut
Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen makes live shopping debut with Halloween magic

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a well-known retailer, adored by people all over the world for its playful and diverse range of products. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995, the company currently has over 1,000 stores across the globe, offering a unique shopping experience to customers.


A scalable solution to boost their sales across all markets

Flying Tiger Copenhagen was looking for a way to boost online sales while also attracting customers to their brick-and-mortar stores. They found the perfect solution in the form of a Halloween-themed live shopping event. They were able to not only increase online sales but also keep their viewers engaged, leading to stronger customer relationships.


An easy way to convert social followers to paying customers

Using Sprii, Flying Tiger Copenhagen can seamlessly connect its live shopping events on social media with its website, allowing viewers to purchase products from the live show with ease. This gives Flying Tiger Copenhagen's audience a user-friendly and convenient way to acquire its unique and whimsical products but also empowers the brand to generate awareness and excitement around its brand.

We see live shopping as an opportunity to attract attention to our brand and products and convert interest instantly into sales.
Sara Gammelgaard
Team Lead Marketing Performance at Flying Tiger Copenhagen

This new way of selling gives Flying Tiger Copenhagen massive success

Flying Tiger Copenhagen's first live shopping event was a massive success. The show featured three engaging hosts who managed to attract more than 3,200 viewers and generate over 2,300 comments within just one hour. They dressed up in costumes, hosted competitions, and showcased products, resulting in an engagement that is similar to having more than 3,000 people in a store looking at your products and engaging with your brand, all in one hour.

The remarkable success of their inaugural live shopping event propelled Flying Tiger Copenhagen to expand their live shopping events to over 10 countries, guaranteeing an enjoyable and engaging experience for their entire global customer base.

The interactive nature of livestream shopping allows us to showcase our products in an engaging, entertaining way.
Sara Gammelgaard
Team Lead Marketing Performance at Flying Tiger Copenhagen