1 ton

of minced beef sold in 15 minutes


comments on one image post on Facebook


rolls of toilet paper sold in 6 hours

ICA Nära Kristinehamn

ICA Nära Kristinehamn sold 1 ton of minced beef in less than 15 minutes

ICA is a large chain of grocery stores all over Sweden and they are among the leading retailers in the Nordic region. There are close to 1,300 ICA stores in Sweden, which are very popular among the Swedish people. ICA Nära Kristinehamn is a local ICA store in a small city called Kristinehamn. They have around 4,800 followers on Facebook, and they are one in many ICA stores that uses “deal” offers on Facebook – with success.


Welcome to Sprii – a tool to automate and manage the “deals” they used to manage manually

The grocery store ICA Nära Kristinehamn was – like many other ICA store – offering specific, great deals via Facebook posts. By commenting on the Facebook post, people could order the product. Afterwards, they could pick it up in the physical store.

When Johanna Sjöholm, manager of ICA Nära Kristinehamn, heard about Sprii, she was blown away. She was introduced to a solution that could handle the bookings and sales automatically. As a small store in a small city, choosing to try it out was a big decision. But after getting a thorough introduction to the system from the support team, she was convinced. It was extremely easy to get started and setup new campaigns. It required almost no technical skills.

Getting started with Sprii was SO easy. The support team gave me a simple, but thorough introduction to the system, so I know exactly what to do. It only takes me a few minutes to set up a new campaign in Sprii. It’s so easy that we sometimes post two "deals" a day.

Thanks to Sprii, they save several hours of manual work each week at ICA Nära Kristinehamn

Today, ICA Nära Kristinehamn benefits greatly from using Sprii, as they post “deal” offers on Facebook at least four times a week and sometimes even twice a day. Before using Sprii, Johanna Sjöholm was liking and answering each comment manually, while keeping track of inventory. It was extremely time-consuming, but thanks to Sprii, this is history.

At ICA Nära Kristinehamn, they use the “deal” offers to sell everyday products at a competitive price. They sell everything from meat to garbage bags to flowers and toothpaste – and with remarkable success. The margins on the sales can be very profitable, because they can buy a large batch of the same product from the producer at an advantageous price. Sometimes they can even get a very fair price on a batch that will soon go past its’ expiration date.

In this way, they can increase revenue even more thanks to the “deal” offers on Facebook – and it’s not a big risk, since they have proved over and over again that they can sell anything from Facebook posts.

It’s just perfect for our store! Before we started using Sprii, I spent so much time liking and answering each comment, while keeping track of orders and sold-out products. It was a lot to handle for me. Now, Sprii takes care of it all.

They can increase revenue with 25% with Facebook “deals”

Since ICA Nära Kristinehamn started using Sprii, they have experienced amazing results. Actually, they rely heavily on it. On the days, where they post a “deal” on their Facebook page, they increase their revenue with around 25% compared to days, where they do not publish a “deal” of Facebook.

Everyone who orders a product from a Facebook post must pick it up at the physical store. And this automatically leads to additional sales, as you might as well get the grocery shopping done, while you are there. Johanna Sjöholm welcomes new customers each week, who have never visited the store before. Therefore, the store is becoming well-known among more people, who are likely to return. In other words, the offers drive traffic both to their Facebook page and to the physical store. Win-win.

The Facebook “deals” generate some amazing sales. Among other, ICA Nära Kristinehamn has accomplished this:

  • 1 ton of minced beef sold in less than 15 minutes
  • 10,368 rolls of toilet paper sold in less than 6 hours
  • 424 kg of candy sold in 3 hours
  • 862.5 kg of strawberries sold in one post
  • 9,720 canned sausages sold in one post
  • 1,728 kg of coffee sold in 6 hours
  • 440 kg of fresh shrimps sold in one post

For a small, local grocery store that is quite amazing. Especially when you keep in mind that it only takes a few minutes to setup each campaign and the rest is automated. Due to the algorithm on Facebook, the offers spread way beyond their follower base of 4,800 followers. However, ICA Nära Kristinehamn has also increased the number of Facebook followers with 2,000 since they started doing “Facebook offers”.

Our Facebook “deals” are necessary for our store now; we can’t do without them. On the days, where we post a “deal” offer on Facebook, we can increase our revenue with 25% compared to days, we don’t post any deals. We have tried selling 1 ton of minced beef in less than 15 minutes. It works wonders for us.