4,700 new Facebook followers

in just one live event

A 150% increase in turnover

from their first live sale event in April

7% of their turnover

comes from live shopping

Zizzi Leiden

Zizzi Leiden’s turnover increased by 150% since their first live shopping event

Zizzi Leiden is a fashion retailer that focuses on giving plus-size women high-quality clothes in all kinds of styles. You can visit their physical stores in the Netherlands, or you can dabble through their online catalog on their webshop. Zizzi Leiden has a strong social media presence on multiple platforms making them a perfect fit to collaborate with Sprii. By doing so, Zizzi Leiden now has a whole new way of showing their beautiful styles to all of their followers.


Zizzi Leiden wanted an easier way to engage with customers combined with an automatic order handling

With their strong presence on social media, Zizzi Leiden needed a way to quickly and easily engage with their customers to raise brand loyalty even more. Live shopping is a perfect way of doing that and it’s super fun! Sandra – the owner of Zizzi Leiden – wanted to try the Sprii software and quickly found it intriguing to go live. It became a solution to showcase their products from the webshop while also encouraging their customers to visit the physical stores.

With a live shopping event, Sandra can go live and start selling within minutes while having fun doing it. It’s a totally different way of selling to people but so far the results have been amazing.

We especially think it is super fun to do and our customers always have a really positive response to our live shows. The personal contact with followers on social media is something we couldn’t do without live shows.

Everything is automated, so Zizzi Leiden can focus solely on nurturing their customer base

Zizzi Leiden goes live on social media a couple of times a week. It has become an essential part of their sales and marketing efforts and the more they do it, the better they become at it. Now the planning is much easier and takes far less time. They mainly have to spend time finding the exact products they want to showcase in their live sessions.

Sandra and the crew even choose to do live shows at calmer times of the day to make sure that they reach every part of their loyal customer base. With everything being automated, the only focus they have is creating fun and exciting live shows that customers can’t wait to get back to. That’s why they have so much success with selling live on social media.

All the customers have to do is write a comment in the live stream when they find a product they simply must have. The confirmation happens automatically and the customer can either choose to pick up the order in-store or wait for a delivery. It’s that easy! Due to Zizzi’s great sense of humor and high energy, everyone will find their live shows exceptionally entertaining.

The Sprii software is super helpful. In just half an hour we can prepare a live and be ready to showcase our products.

150% turnover increase since Zizzi Leiden's first live show

With a whopping 150% increase in turnover since the first time Zizzi Leiden went live, there is no reason for Sandra and the crew to stop the live shopping journey. With multiple live shows a week, live shopping has become an essential part of their business strategy. Sandra only needs to go live for an hour or two to reach tons of new potential customers while pleasing her loyal customer base with amazing products.

Since Zizzi Leiden started their live shopping events, their social media presence has become even stronger. They are creating their own community with powerful women looking for stunning products to fit their style. This has resulted in 7% of their total revenue coming from just live shopping events.

A single live event netted them more than 4,700 Facebook followers and with thousands of viewers on their live streams, their reach is absolutely amazing. Just imagine having thousands of people standing in your store waiting to purchase your products. That’s only possible with live shopping and Zizzi Leiden is killing the live shopping game!

With just a tiny bit of preparation, we obtain a great turnover and can reach any part of the country and all we have to do is focus on creating a beautiful and fun live.